How Can You Use a Wooden Trellis?

Uses for a Wooden Trellis

Uses for a Wooden Trellis

A wooden trellis is an interesting garden structure – it can be used in a variety of ways. Deciding how to use a garden trellis or trellis panel ultimately depends on the visual appeal that you want to give to your outdoor landscaping. Here are a couple suggestions that may help you decide:

A trellis centerpiece

Since the color of a wood trellis complements the colors of most plants, try placing a large plant or shrub in front of the trellis, using the wooden trellis as a eye-pleasing backdrop. Spice up the garden trellis with some ivy or flowers (see right).

Visual blockade

While a wooden trellis won’t provide total privacy, it will make seeing through a lot more difficult. The visual appeal of a wood trellis makes it a convenient privacy enhancer, while avoiding the blatant, obstructive traits of an opaque fence.

Create a trellis fence

Want to distinguish your entire landscape or garden? Choose from many wooden trellis panel styles and create a beautiful boundary that will still allow you to see through to the other side.

Some common types of trellises and trellis panels are:

  • Fan-shaped wall trellis
  • Rectangular wall trellis
  • Japanese garden trellis
  • Serpentine Garden Trellis Panel
  • Rectangular Garden Trellis Panel
  • Arching Garden Trellis Panel
  • Winged Trellis Panel
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