Pergola or Arbor?

Pergola vs. Arbor

Pergola or Arbor?

Arbors and pergolas are overhead structures used to complement or enhance a garden’s beauty. They are often designed with roofs, swings, benches and other features that provide comfort and relief to people. Because of structural similarities, the words ‘pergola’ and ‘arbor’ are often used interchangeably. In this post, we’ll try our best to distinguish between the two.

Pergolas are typically long and narrow. Traditionally, they consist of a series columns to support an open-air roof structure. This roof structure is really a type of trellis and is designed to support vine growth. Pergolas can be used to shade walkways, patios or other outdoor areas.

Arbors tend to be smaller than pergolas, and their main purpose is to provide people with shade and a place to relax. They may be covered with solid roofing, or they may have lattice coverings similar to those found on pergolas.

Still confused? No problem – the pergola vs. arbor debate rages on. If you are ever in the market for an arbor, pergola or any other type of classic outdoor structure, the most important thing you can do is select the one that best suits your landscape.

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