Japanese Garden Trellises

Product Name: Japanese Garden Trellis and Japanese Torre Trellis
Description: The Japanese Garden Trellis and Japanese Torre Trellis are made out of western red cedar and can be installed either freestanding or attached to wall.
Price: Japanese Garden Trellis (7′ x 3′) for $62.50 (#010050)
Price: Japanese Torre Trellis (7′ x 40”) for $81.25 (#010065)
Stain: Garden Structure Design will pre-stain your trellis with Ready SealĀ® products at $30.00 per trellis.
Self Installation Information: 2” x 2” legs are extended 16” for installation with concrete.
Additional Notes: All above pricing is for self installation using the included galvanized rods or attaching to a wall. We recommend pre-treatment of legs for ground contact when installing in concrete. For professional installation in the DFW area, there will be a charge of $40.00 per panel (minimum order of $200.00).

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