Check Out Our Redesigned Website and New Line of Garden Structures

We’ve made some changes for the better at Garden Structure Design. First, we gave our website a well-needed overhaul. Second, we made some changes to accommodate out-of-state orders for lawn and garden structures. We now ship within the United States and accept payments securely through PayPal.

Most importantly, we have several new solid wooden garden structures to help you extend the beauty and comfort of your home’s interior to your lawn or garden. New landscape design structures include the following:

  • Southwest Fan Pergola
  • Santa Fe Classic Pergola
  • Pitched Roof Arbor
  • Rustic Memorial Bench
  • English Planter Box

Thank you for visiting Garden Structure Design. We hope you find our new website informative. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or contact form.

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Welcome to Garden Structure Design!


As a valued customer we wanted to let you know first about some exciting changes and additions that we have recently made:

• We have changed our business name from Garden Structures & Design to Garden Structure Design. Although it is a subtle change, it makes a huge difference in the ease of finding us in the Internet. Plus, we just liked the way it looked and sounded.
• We have a new and improved website at Our intention was to make it easier for you to utilize by having a more complete portfolio of our products online.
• A new addition to help your sales associates with our product line is a full color bi-fold brochure. It has new photos, descriptions and pricing. If you would like some, just let us know and we’ll drop them by.
Computer Sketches:
• We can now provide you with a computer generated sketch of each of our products. We can now email you a photo, sketch, description and price for a more complete bid.
• Just tweaked it a little to represent the new name.

Your feedback is very important to me and I value your continued business.

Please update your records to reflect the website and email changes.


Paul Hedlund
garden structure design
1433 Forest Creek Drive
Lewisville, TX 75067

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From Garden Structures & Design to Garden Structure Design

Internet marketing considerations

While my new website was being designed, I had to consider whether or not to keep my old domain name, ‘’. The ‘2010’ part of the name was no longer relevant, so I knew something had to be done.

I noticed that ‘’ was available and immediately purchased it. After some consideration, however, I felt it wasn’t a good enough match from business name to web address. I knew I could do better.

A more appropriate business name

After researching several domain name variations, I stumbled across ‘’. Not only was it available, but as both a domain name and a business name, it succinctly sums up we do – garden structure design.

My accountant gave his approval, as did the Dallas internet marketing experts at Quillik, and so the change was made. Welcome to Garden Structure Design. I hope you enjoy the new website!


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How Can You Use a Wooden Trellis?

Uses for a Wooden Trellis

Uses for a Wooden Trellis

A wooden trellis is an interesting garden structure – it can be used in a variety of ways. Deciding how to use a garden trellis or trellis panel ultimately depends on the visual appeal that you want to give to your outdoor landscaping. Here are a couple suggestions that may help you decide:

A trellis centerpiece

Since the color of a wood trellis complements the colors of most plants, try placing a large plant or shrub in front of the trellis, using the wooden trellis as a eye-pleasing backdrop. Spice up the garden trellis with some ivy or flowers (see right).

Visual blockade

While a wooden trellis won’t provide total privacy, it will make seeing through a lot more difficult. The visual appeal of a wood trellis makes it a convenient privacy enhancer, while avoiding the blatant, obstructive traits of an opaque fence.

Create a trellis fence

Want to distinguish your entire landscape or garden? Choose from many wooden trellis panel styles and create a beautiful boundary that will still allow you to see through to the other side.

Some common types of trellises and trellis panels are:

  • Fan-shaped wall trellis
  • Rectangular wall trellis
  • Japanese garden trellis
  • Serpentine Garden Trellis Panel
  • Rectangular Garden Trellis Panel
  • Arching Garden Trellis Panel
  • Winged Trellis Panel
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Pergola or Arbor?

Pergola vs. Arbor

Pergola or Arbor?

Arbors and pergolas are overhead structures used to complement or enhance a garden’s beauty. They are often designed with roofs, swings, benches and other features that provide comfort and relief to people. Because of structural similarities, the words ‘pergola’ and ‘arbor’ are often used interchangeably. In this post, we’ll try our best to distinguish between the two.

Pergolas are typically long and narrow. Traditionally, they consist of a series columns to support an open-air roof structure. This roof structure is really a type of trellis and is designed to support vine growth. Pergolas can be used to shade walkways, patios or other outdoor areas.

Arbors tend to be smaller than pergolas, and their main purpose is to provide people with shade and a place to relax. They may be covered with solid roofing, or they may have lattice coverings similar to those found on pergolas.

Still confused? No problem – the pergola vs. arbor debate rages on. If you are ever in the market for an arbor, pergola or any other type of classic outdoor structure, the most important thing you can do is select the one that best suits your landscape.

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